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See, this is what happens when you frequent Instagram and Snapchat for that matter, on the regular. You snoop around looking for design inspiration (and just to have a good nosey really, let’s be honest) and you stumble across this gem. continue reading


Clerkenwell Design Week: A New Era

New Post: Clerkenwell Design Week at New Era (@ The Happy Flat Blog)

So Clerkenwell Design Week is upon us once again and I’m seriously, seriously excited about this show. Forget trawling through design shows with no substance, excitement or bland-blah-uniformity, Clerkenwell design week has always been, for me, a place to discover new talent whilst being pleasantly surprised by the many installations and talks along the way. This is certainly a show to attend and here’s why.

Well, when I attended last year I heard whispers that some of the iconic bases for the show were going to be scraped as they’d been earmarked for development. This meant new locations, new premises, and new routes. Having had a good ol’ nosey around the newly published programme there is already so much to see and do I’ve already signed myself up to do so many activities & talks. Alongside the usual  installations, workshops and displays, there will also be new spaces too such as Design Fields (for contemporary design) and Brewhouse Yard. There will also be a wayfinding installation by the incredible London-based designer Giles Miller. Each installation is made from square glass tiles with a ‘swoosh’ effect, evoking movement from one destination to the next. Strategically place at different locations this will form a visually stimulating wayfinding piece throughout the event. I will be there throughout 24 May and will be snapchating all the key bits, design trends and parties. Be sure to follow me at @thehappyflat to see all the best bits of the event taking place from 24-26 May.

New Post: Clerkenwell Design Week at New Era (@ The Happy Flat Blog)

Clerkenwell Design Week 2016


The Perfect Home Scent


This blog post has been a long time coming. For those of you who know me well, know that I have a small (which always means huge) obsession for home fragrances. With a keen sensitive nose, I love sniffing out the best scents for the home which cleverly blends (not overpowers) into your homes atmosphere to create a sensorial environment. continue reading