2017 – A Year of Growth

I don’t usually give a year a theme – actually, I’ve never given a year a theme. Always the fan of the care-free let’s-go-with-the-flow’ mantra I’ve always tried to reframe from having fixed ideas about a forthcoming year. However, for some unidentifiable reason, I feel that 2017 is a much different year. Sidestepping all the political shenanigans we all have to brace ourselves with over the coming 12 months I do feel somewhat very optimistic about 2017. Taking a leaf out of fellow blogger and entrepreneur Tina Bernstein’s colourful blog, I’ve named 2017 as – A Year of Growth. A positive and proactive year to build upon the relationships I’d built in 2016 and develop and grow them further over the next 12 months.

Goal Getter

Like last year I really want to set some ambitious yet realistic goals for the year. Becoming a blog MVP may not be one of them, however, I believe that my blog life and personal life have to come together harmoniously which is why I plan on setting goals in both areas of my life. Using the hashtags #makingthemostofgrowth #2017YOG I’m going to document all the things I’ve signified as milestones and/or steps to growth. You can do the same too. Use the hashtags and help form a community of happy flatters (flatmates) making the most of growth. Then in December, we can all look back at our various stages of growth and breakthroughs.

Personal Goals

It was only a 4 months ago that I discovered I had dyslexia. Having gone through my school years to adult life, completing my BA honours degree and more recently successfully obtained a Masters with Merit, undetected, I always knew there was a reason why I did things slightly differently. All my quirky attributes and processes (as well as quirky misspellings) now have purpose & meaning. With this, I plan to learn more and growth with this new discovery. Planning on seeing a coach who specialises in dyslexia, the aim is to use this super power to my advantage like so many other talented people with the same abilities.

Health Goals

A strong health injection is one goal that’s on the top of my list. Joining the gym late last year and failing miserably (due to parking issues – honest) I plan on going regularly, picking up from where I left off and pinging myself back into shape. But it’s not just about the gym life, I plan on making sure I eat healthier and even possibly reduce my alcohol intake even further than I really do. I know this is a typical new years goals but to be honest it’s one of those things I promised myself last August (I just fell off the wagon – Oops!).

A Blog That Grows Together, Stays Together

A blog that grows together with its community stays together and that’s precisely what I hope for in 2017. Okay, so I’ve lapsed a teeny-tiny-huge amount over on the blog which wasn’t helped by me throwing water over my MacBook. Mini-crisis over thankfully. That said, I now have a new Macbook Air and aim to blog more with better content, more collaborations and even more exclusive reviews on colour trends, interior finds and all the things that you’ll find in my happy flat/apartment. It’s also a good opportunity to find out what you’d like to know or for me to cover on the blog so do comment below and/or tweet me at @thehappyflat.

Another main aim of my blog is growth. How will I grow my blog and therefore grow our community? In 2017 I want to make my blog a more inclusive space. With some special giveaways, interesting interviews as well as gaining insight into what you all want to get out of my blog, I’ll also be encouraging you to get involved more in my blog too. Join the community using my new hashtags #makingthemostofgrowth #2017YOG.

Growth Through Travel and Giving Back

There’s nothing better than giving back and that’s something I’d like to develop further. As you know my blog is named after my Grandad’s home in the Carribean lovingly named The Happy Flat. The McMillian Cancer organisation offered immense support to us as a family and my Grandad at such a difficult time so I’d really like to give back and support them in some way to benefit others.

Likewise, I’ve always been inspired by travel. Before we get kicked out of the EU and before my passport runs out I thought I’d put more effort into clocking up more air miles whilst learning from new cultural experiences and European interior trends. I’m sure there’s another Hygge trend waiting to be discovered right?!

Goals and new beginnings can be set at any time of the year and not just to fulfil some notion of goal-setting for a new year resolution. But with that said, it prompts us to start a new year with a fresh perspective. Hopefully, this post will be the motivation you need to make, create and set new goals & opportunities for yourself.


3 thoughts on “2017 – A Year of Growth

  1. Jade wilce

    Love this post, and I can not wait to join in with #2017YOG. I think communities of like minded people all working towards a goal can work so much better as you always have someone to ping ideas with and get inspired by!

    Here’s to a fantastic 2017! X

    1. thehappyflat Post author

      Such a lovely comment. Thank you so much, Jade 😊 Really looking forward to seeing how we all use the hashtags too. So glad you’re on-board.
      Snap! Here’s to a fab 2017 🙌🏾

  2. tina @ colourlivingblog

    Wow! Lots of changes…..
    My advise would be to take things slowly and not overwhelm yourself……start with one and so on….

    All sounds really positive and inspiring and like you I try and work on stuff throughout the year and not just in January.
    For me , the best way of changing and growing is to be accountable.

    Good Luck with your coaching. As I said in my reply to you on my blog, you can play to your strength…
    Here’s to a great 2017 x


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