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Kat from Blogtacular Bloggers EventsOk, it’s a new year, we’re all pumped & motivated (Fleur East’s Sax playing in the background) – what better way to channel all that creative energy than in shaping, developing and growing your blog. There are so many billions of blogger events out there, but you can always run the risk of throwing good money at bad events. Have you ever attended a blogger event where you’ve come away thinking “Yea, I knew all this already” and then cursed at how much money you spent to learn the lesson?

Well, I’ve done just that but I’ve also attended a few which I can vouch for and say, ‘yes I came away from that learning so much’. Not wanting any of you to go through the same saga, here are my top blogger events/workshops that you should attend in 2016.

Blogtacular Bloggers EventsBlogtacular

If blogging was a superhero it would be Blogtacular. Blogtacular is an annual, day-long blogger event packed with a full schedule of workshops, talks and even a genius bar. Rumour has it that the bar is set to make a return in 2016 too. What I love about this event is that it has such a great atmosphere, which allows you to fully submerge yourself in a bloggers education. The programme varies year-on-year however last year they had photography workshops, group panel discussions, advice on travel blogging as well as a Q&A with the Pinterest team. The event even had a plane land on the Blogtacular runway thanks to Thomson who gave bloggers the chance to pitch a collaboration proposal with them. Tickets go on sale in February.


Makelight Studio Workshops Emily Quinton Photography Bloggers EventsMakelight – Emily Quinton

As bloggers, we all know that our photos are everything. Ok, aside from the content (because the content is king), our photos are everything. It was for this reason that I attended one of Emily’s workshops to fine-tune my photography skills. Emily works, not only with bloggers but also with creatives, in small groups. This helps to give that intimate-hands-on feel. You can also ask, specific questions throughout regarding techniques and any niggling questions you might have about your camera. Emily also gives you the opportunity to bring along any work you might be shooting for your blog e.g. a book review or styling project for example. With this workshop, I also received a cheat sheet afterwards to help reinforce what I’d learnt. Want to book? Take a look.


Photography Courses Bloggers EventsShaw Academy

This one is a bit of an Aladdin’s cave to blog advancement. I actually discovered the Shaw Academy via Amazon Local (although may be able to book via Wowcher) and I brought the online diploma photography course as a gift for someone special last Christmas. I then took the course myself (after gaining so much praise for buying the gift) and enjoyed every minute of it. Their online photography course is made up of weekly webinars & tests. The course leader goes through all the key elements of photography starting right from the beginning and nothing is skirted over. I definitely came away from this course feeling like I knew exactly how to take the shots I needed.

Let me know if you have any questions about any of the courses above or want me to share more about my experiences. If you decide to book them, great – leave a comment and let me know which ones.

Blogger Events Images Credited: 1. Blogtacular, 2. Blogtacular Photography, 3. Makelight, 4.Camera

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