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I love injecting a shot of colour into my home and I don’t think I’m the only one that shares that ethos. Homewares brand Brabantia approached me last month to share their new colour campaign with me. Making it even easier to customise & colour your home with their homeware products, Brabantia’s has launched five new colour shots to get us all addicted to colour once again during the autumnal months. Available in Metallic Mint, Ice White, Candy Pink, Ruby Red and a Naked Metallic Matt, I opted to test out the 30 litre peddle bin in the Metallic Matt Mint.

Space Testing

To ensure I was giving this product a run for its money I’ve been testing this out for the past three weeks just to see if it can cut the mustard within my typical household day-to-day housekeeping routine. Firstly, one of the best things about this product is that it’s neat and slimline. Okay, it’s a bin but these days storage and space are really key in an interior space. I liked the fact that this can slip neatly into a nifty little corner without sticking out like a sore thumb. It also works well as a stand-alone piece too. With its striking colour palette it almost fits in as a feature piece on its own.brabantia-shoot-kitchen-peddle-bin-details-colour-campaign-the-happy-flat-blog ,vu p-ë9½a‡³Ò‡ #ô‚¡D±úAñÑzAˆNçÕUDÉ.û–mU„Äbo(-":©XX@(0ùŠpÖ¹bօdØëhdˆ¿—ËK{:±©[ÒC§hºÖÐ.ªxds­n„CÅE7¦]å¿ÜÿÓö¡YR~zÆÔáWQé•BŠ™ý2 pžoL g1”ókuª‰„ôŠkßÖP-Éé*‡¨ePðBØÐQâuÖ0_ržZhiOÈ3¹tŒ’y9'09òq­'¸.Y7¼±Õà˜æ¹"“ÉgäËfNW¦Od£Ä žÊÇ]¤Õ•<•š¶W5§Fà{’‰8²Fåg©ÿÔö1ªû–<Ԉpè@ð¨]'Wj†”D856¨xj݃B¨[6Ö@E©š¬oR/Œß—Ü.*cÚ¹ÿÕö€à#Ò]4Žö…t›­]{ ¦uúx¶rdà·$»k(8“×ßé!]§ˆð_ƒ7ùC¥=]dÀx&ӌqàûùLՊD:#dýmr»8”pyˆIüÖhÅeë˜F? j›4{x,ÁüÍv!RzxÚ¹ÍþÍI³Q<|äv›¾€Lzå{Ÿú‰CP}?Ù.ŸÍàôÀõñm(£ãÀ²õ0äQSÇn¦4 käÁá;à`P,î.’71eøF“W#xi¿¹^pãCÔgºÖ8‚ò=8©Ü‹Æ«°pýMl®Ç&Þò§v)²p‰JÑòtowV§îºwKÛ@þå-³(Ø߬ò³zµ{a¤á&ðö°‚7%›Ìswõ€ï)ƛÌB‰üÙØ~ðivl˜¾>ª&Û,|Ü]P²fì½ô:±¤ú¡Îö€§(j¡vwÀEôHù-è·÷NQx‡›„5ƒ‘ðs8„g -•ðQi{ˆ> s§á7ÑLÜüTåWˆøDŃIãáŒõrG¾éºq€Žxŧ$ljj·9‘ØûBÍʬÄ×æV^tóºý¤|Vv×&®¾Cµ’¼u¹Ê.¢¹û¢·i(jÚ*óÐÑtòxHÜ6¬ïà®©á ¤mÕâ»LÌ6º4ÔM¦mFæš6‘öÑ·ÿю<͌³|Ö`øYzø8òq®rßÜKu;g11çHÿ©JáÚ×ïKÓ^jùsK‰d߬Ùpþ5tïÀïǧ<Ø;É?²¿Æý§{ô…ØÞ"íÚÜßÝkøÑ;Õ±,MßÖ#¸ðNÌ^åFéëŸÎžC÷Ág·äŒA#¹Îqï$§š|0Èë[zq95ykŠ&ÌÐÀN˟ǩƯÛH͖šÚQL{8Sv¢œ)ځâu p‰HÑÐ()À [ ë ÿү⮾†žGq*èwšM»ÉûFÉäý‰£eûw&–T‚›f勋rœÊ[Ö7(¨(õÞVtme;X,ÑÞVt»]à,±›ìø®iéÓ§Và.§Y¨9¢• å TR¨?ÿÓÄScŒ{ݨu½2×pf)vq‘_´-Ìë7:,r•Üæ9«s6n"Y‰Ð»¤±k”fâ“˨ms%‡nÅyC5¸®¯O”³WUö¬Þ¦3êÌ(¸êiæÞ~³ÊV¦6 †.0ßszJ•GGZh°YÒ¥kTѵ¦,eûŸ¯ñÛ¦µ^gR¢•@¨Er@¡¢•lAÿÔÁšê6î¹[ïDíÔnÅcÈüTïßðí!v1S¹¶op brabantia-shoot-kitchen-peddle-bin-4-colour-campaign-the-happy-flat-blog cuckooz-shoot-apartment-suite-living-room-7-the-happy-flat-blog

Colour Testing

The fact that the peddle bin opens at a touch, or as I like to say – tap, is great especially for ease as well as maintenance & cleaning. With a smooth open-touch mechanism this made it that much easier to use. Inspired by the mint/blue trend this colour hue has a classic feel which will last right through to the next season too. Not just limited to these colours however, they are available in many more. This means more options for those who have either a classic interior style or for the more eccentric tastes.


It’s slim, smart and easy to clean. Super light weight and with a smart grip handle at the back, it’s easy to carry around the room. The colour and finish are incredibly smart and as well as being functional, it’s the perfect way to add a splash of colour to your culinary kitchen space.cuckooz-apartment-shoot-3-the-happy-flat-blog

This is a Sponsored Collaborated Post with Brabantia | Thank you to Cuckooz & Habitat for hosting me at the Cuckooz Apartment 

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