Double Denim Drift Blue: Dulux COTY 2017


The Working Home

As predictable as the sky is blue, each year there’s always an enticing trend, colour or pattern to get us all into the interior decorating mood. This year is no exception. Last year I was invited to see the presentation of Dulux’s Colour Futures – Colour of The Year. There’s no denying that this year the colour chosen will make you want to both plan & develop a new colourful ideas, however, this is even more so with the new colour Demin Drift.

Colour of The Year – Denim Drift

Let’s face it, what a better colour of choice is there for this season’s new colour trend. Coincidentally falling in line with the fashion industry’s colour trend this is a colour we can all relate to. Reflected in everyday life its familiarity brings comfort whilst it’s fresh new stance brings vibrancy.

Through this colour, new individual trends are formed. Dulux have developed four new concepts; New Romanticism, Shared Individualism, The Working Home and Considered Luxury.

Which colour trend will you follow? Which concept has caught your eye? Share your views and comment below.

Demin Drift

Demin Drift: Timeless, versatile and vibrant.
Colour palette: Demin Drift – 87BG2707, Earl Blue – 90BG41040, Clock Face – 30GY8321.

New Romanticism

New Romanticism: Worldly impact, greenery and nature.
Colour Palette: Palm Night – 50GY06077, Fortune Green – 70GG13323, Heather Solstice – 70RR41065.

Considered Luxury

Considered Luxury

Considered Luxury: Sophisticated Neutrals, flexibility and space.
Colour Palette: New Meringue – 68YY86042, Shell Stories – 30GY83043, Walnut Cake – 90YR4062.

Shared Individualism

Shared Individualism: Community, BRIGHTNESS, Mix-of-personalities.
Colour Palette: Coral Polka – 90RR27440, Sunset Kiss – 50YR44287, Pale Peony – 10RR75039.

All Images Credited: Dulux

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