FAQ The Happy Flat V2Q: Is it a blog or a website?

A: The Happy Flat is an interdisciplinary, creative blog.

Q: What is your blog about?

A: The Happy Flat is a blog with interiors & lifestyle at its core. Flowing from this is an interdisciplinary creative blog documenting all the creative elements of the flat. From different interior styles to photography, fashion and cookery – like a happy home, this is a little apartment full of both colour & style.

Q: When did you start blogging?

A: Although the happy flat started in November 2015 I’ve been writing previously for a few years.

Q: I want to be a guest blogger, can I?

A: I am accepting a small section of guest blogger applications for my blog however, I am not accepting enquiries from brands and/or businesses who want to guest post (sorry). If you’re a creative blogger who is interested then get in touch.

Q: What camera do you use?

A: I use a canon 700D camera with an 18-55mm lens and a 50mm f/1.8 STM prime lens.

Q: What advice would you give for starting your own blog?

A: Firstly, do it! If it’s something you’re passionate about then it’s worth it. Secondly spend quality time brainstorming. It’s easy to feel the need to launch straight away but spending the time carefully considering the name, layout and reader is vital. Thirdly, pick the best platform for you and get your layout designed professionally. It’s not always everyone’s cup-of-tea but if you mean business & are serious about blogging I’d get my site done professionally. I chose the Blogzilla Studio.

Q: Are you on social media?

A: Yes, I am. I have a wonderful Pinterest site which has been categorised into various different happy flats/apartments to suit different styles & aesthetics. I’m also on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook too.

Q: Can I advertise on your blog?

A: As my blog is quite new I am not accepting advertising yet requests as I want my blog to grow organically first.

Q: Your question hasn’t been answered above?

A: No problem, just ring the bell – drop me an email at;

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