Let Your Plants Flourish With Geo Fleur


Let’s talk about Plants! – Admittedly, I’m one of those creative people that just kills plants. I come with all the good intentions in the world but like a hopeless enthusiastic plant well-wisher (with no experience of plants) I kill them with far too much kindness.

However, you ‘can’ teach an old (Dachshund) dog new tricks so when We Blog Design announced that they were organising a workshop in collaboration with Sophie Lee Founder of Geo Fleur I said – Yes Please!!

Plants 101

Geo-Fleur Owner Sophie is like an encyclopaedia of greenery and is the owner of this wonderful plant store based in East London. There isn’t anything she can’t tell you about these green natural lovelies. And to be honest, anything she doesn’t know isn’t really worth knowing. The Geo-Fleur shop is a hybrid of plant retail space meets workshop area. Each creative space blends well with each other to create a cohesive environment.

Trying to build back my relationship with plants, Sophie showed me how to create my own Kokedama – a very easy-to-care-for-and-simple-to-create hanging plant. Starting with adding new soil to our cuttings, we then used natural string to bind fresh moss to our plant structure. This is a much faster and easy way to add a bit of nature to your home or office space without being made to feel that you need a green nursery in your home.



If you have all the plants you need, Geo Fleur is also stocked up with chrome accessories too. From misters, concrete pots to terrariums and of course plant-themed pins, Sophie has them all. Pop down and check the new space. The Geo Fleur Book is also launching in May 2017.

Geo-Fleur: 15-19 Penny Brookes Street, East Village, E20 1BN

4 thoughts on “Let Your Plants Flourish With Geo Fleur

  1. Harriet

    Amazing! It seems like you had a lovely time, I must get down to Geo Fleur ASAP although I know I will leave with an empty bank account and a bag full of plants!

    1. thehappyflat Post author

      Oh Harriet, there is soooooo much to see and buy in there. Loads of well cared for, loved plants 🌿😊

  2. anna

    good luck in plant growing this year, maybe stick to the cactus as in fact they dont need water, love or talking to to survive….

    1. thehappyflat Post author

      Thanks Anna! I think I might have to take your advice. I totally kill plants 🌿😊


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