Wish List No.8: Heaven Scent

Heaven Scent Haul Perfume Fragrances 1. Light Blue EDT 100ml, Dolce & Gabbana, 2. Oud 30ml, Library of Fragrance, 3. Chance Eau Tendre, CHANEL, 4. Baby Powder 30ml, Library of Fragrance, 5. Miu Miu EDP, Miu Miu, 6. STELLA EDT 50ml, Stella McCartney

I am such a sucker for a good fragrance. And when I say a ‘good’ fragrance, I mean a good fragrance. I’m not necessarily into the most expensive brands but I love light, floral & fresh scents so when my nose is hooked on a sensational scent, I just can’t let go. I’ve owned (almost) all of the above and currently own at least four of them. I managed to get Stella and Miu Miu in the January sales but I really like the fact that these scents last for most of the day, encasing me in a fresh floral scent. I recently discovered the Library of Fragrance brand. This brand creates notes from scents which are familiar to us in our everyday lives. With a varied catalogue ranging from the traditional Peony & Cherry Blossom, to Baby Powder & Fresh Laundry to the more obscure Espresso & Paperback, these scents do not change over time which is great. What’s your favourite scent?

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